Track and trace

Realizing the optimal solution for successful tracking and tracing is always a challenge. Often the most beautiful answers to problems are designed: isn’t technology wonderful? However, danger lurks on the side of organization and implementation. CaptureTech avoids these pitfalls and brings its vast experience with track and trace solutions to your project.

Track and trace: much more than IT

CaptureTech has comprehensive experience in developing and implementing track and trace solutions using RFID technology. Not only within the four walls of a warehouse, but certainly also on the outside.

For example, we developed an RFID system to simultaneously register hundreds of incoming and outgoing artworks of a museum. Another example is the automated registration of stocking and taking out of storage numerous cashboxes for national banks.

We also assisted the emptying of underground waste containers with RFID as well as the tracking and tracing of cheese boxes in moist conditions where bar codes cannot ‘survive’.

In addition, CaptureTech has developed its own products using RFID, such as a wide range of electronic key lockers for tracking and tracing all your physical keys, or an electronic seal to prevent internal fraud during transport.


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