RFID Gateway

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology for effortless identification, tracking and tracing. Increasingly, companies and organizations have the need for a complete real-time overview of their stock / inventory, movements of goods and / or durable assets.

RFID is often used to track and trace in logistics, where RFID tags are attached to logistic carriers of products such as crates and pallets – also known as RTI's (returnable transport items). The decreasing cost of RFID tags has led to the introduction of RFID at packaging and item level.


RFID for external use

CaptureTech also develops and implements RFID solutions for external use, outside of your distribution center. Our RFID gateways enable you to detect company assets exiting your buildings and premises in real time. 

With a mobile RFID reader, you can quickly and efficiently make an inventory of your company’s assets.

The use of RFID in work processes such as the control of shipments brings considerable benefits. CaptureTech cooperates with its partners Impinj, Nordic ID and Zebra to deliver the whole range of RFID tags (low, high and ultrahigh frequency; passive or active), hand-held RFID readers, RFID gateways as well as RFID readers specifically designed for mounting on vehicles.

First of all, CaptureTech will analyze your company’s situation in order to provide you with a solid advice on the equipment needed.

The platform of Impinj

Impinj produces the commercially most successful RFID platform in the world, with integrated hardware, software and interfaces. Superior performance combined with inter-operability and the highest degree of reliability in data delivery. The platform includes tags, gateways, readers, antennae and software.

Nordic ID’s solution

The product range of Nordic comprises similar fixed and mobile components for an RFID solution: mobile and fixed RFID readers, mobile bar code readers and software.

About Zebra

Zebra develops a broad range of innovative RFID readers, both fixed and mobile, in addition to its mobile computers, scanners and printers.


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