It is all about traceability

This era of internet and mobile communication provides us with a wealth of real-time data. We know what is going on and where. We know where people are and what they are doing. We are already used to having all the answers to our questions immediately.

However, in the workplace it is still exceptional to use real-time data to improve the efficiency, quality and safety of work and business processes.

At CaptureTech, founders and staff share a passion to help your organization achieve this. And we have the clear vision to succeed.

In close cooperation with our clients, our highly educated technicians, software developers and account managers we develop unique new products and advanced systems using automatic identification.

Systems which are fully geared towards improving the efficiency, reliability and safety of your work processes, based on technologies such as Bar Code, Voice Recognition, Vision, RFID or Bluetooth.

We aim to offer you the most ingenious, user-friendly and efficient solutions and products available. That is why, for us, there is no limit to the application of technology. And why we continuously stay ahead in product and system development.

In other words: CaptureTech's creative, reliable and committed staff realize the best and most innovative products, systems and work methods for your business. It is all about next-level traceability.