Industrial Internet of Things

The expression ‘the Internet of Things’ refers to a future state of affairs where human-operated computers (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones) will no longer be in the majority on the internet. Instead, in this vision internet users will predominantly be semi-intelligent so-called ‘embedded’ systems.

Thus, everyday objects will become an entity on the internet, able to communicate with other people and other objects, arriving at independent decisions on the basis of this. Presently, the Internet of Things in a general sense lies well into the future.

Make processes more efficient, safer and better

However, in CaptureTech’s fields of expertise such a thing as the Industrial Internet of Things already exists. In this age of internet and mobile communication, at any given moment we directly have a wealth of information at our disposal. We know what happens and where. Know where other people are and what they are doing. Our questions can be answered directly. We have already gotten used to this situation. Working environments lag behind: often they are not equipped with the right means to provide real-time information making work and company processes more efficient, safer and better.

Next level traceability

CaptureTech develops and implements products utilizing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology in order to successfully track and trace your goods and company assets. Their status will be known at any given moment in real-time.

We strive to implement the most innovative, user-friendly and efficient solutions and products for you. Therefore, we go the extra mile in applying RFID. And ensure our clients stay one step ahead of the competition in product and systems development. It is truly all about next level traceability.

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