In government, managing organization assets is a formidable challenge, regardless of whether it concerns assets of the government itself or the possessions of its civil servants.

CaptureTech implements solutions to monitor the status of your assets in real time; this is called the Industrial Internet of Things. Which employee has which tablet or laptop, who has which key and when will it be returned? How can I make reservations and collect a fleet of cars or a bicycle? The systems of CaptureTech will assist you with answering these questions.  

CaptureTech can also deliver and implement solutions for smart employee lockers. We are especially successful in solutions for tracking and tracing who took what from which locker or returned it and when.

However, CaptureTech’s expertise goes well beyond this: for example, an RFID system developed in-house by us informs municipalities when underground waste containers have been emptied.

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Please contact us for advice without any obligations