Fraud management

In the broadest sense of the word, fraud is deliberately misleading behaviour for personal gain or to harm an individual. Fraud can be committed by various means including e-mail, telephone, and internet (cybercrime / internet fraud).

Fraud management through identity and access control keeps your vital company information safe from unauthorized people and prevents your employees from (un)consciously committing fraud.


Asset management and key management can contribute significantly to successful fraud management. A fraudster has a motive and rationalizes his or her actions. In addition, he or she needs ‘opportunity’. The first elements cannot be eliminated by a company or organization but the third one can.

And this is precisely the goal of fraud management. Secure, track and trace your company assets by sound asset management, ensure limited access to spaces, means and information by strict key management. Complement this with CapLocker as the storage location for your company assets. With IntelleSeal and SealTrack, track and trace seals and your safety and security will markedly increase.

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