Cash handling / Cash-In-Transit

The backbone of any modern Cash-In-Transit (CIT) company is an automated tracking and tracing system optimizing the work processes, ensuring optimal service for the customer as well as realizing the best possible profit margin. 

RFID technology for valuables transport

CaptureTech has considerable experience with the automation of logistic processes in cash handling / CIT. We have successfully implemented our systems for (central) banks and transport companies of valuables. CaptureTech developed Sealtr@ck, an application designed to monitor sealed envelopes, seal bags and cashboxes throughout the chain with advanced RFID technology.

Success factors

Decisive factors in making a success out of your cash handling / CIT operation are – for example – optimal route planning, customer service at the desired level, efficient use of company assets and securely executing clients’ orders.

A fast-developing trend in cash handling is speedy delivery on demand. Banks and other customers expect to be able to track and trace their shipments virtually in real time, including automated signaling of any change (such as a delay).

More efficient and more secure

Regardless of whether it concerns the track and trace of sealed envelopes, sealbags or cashboxes using RFID, non-personal transfer of valuables, registering incoming and outgoing keychains or sealing valuable goods or shipments: CaptureTech can provide the systems and products to make cash handling more efficient, more secure and more reliable.

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