Now that more than 10 billion microcontrollers are shipped, there is a large availability of “intelligent devices”. All these devices can be connected to the internet, also commonly known as Internet of Things (IoT). IoT solutions however often need a low power wireless connection in order to connect to the internet. Therefore, a gateway is required , that connects to the internet on one side (either via the network or cellular), and connects to the device on the other side.

Gateways hence form an important component in IoT. These gateways or readers can communicate to the device by using  RFID or for example Bluetooth.

A major advantage of Bleutooth is the fact that it easily connects to existing mobile Phones and tablets. CaptureTech develops IoT products and solutions based on Bluetooth and can thus help you to get the right information, at the right time, at the right place!

Bluetooth nodes

Bluetooth tags or "nodes" can be attached to objects of which we would like to receive information. Such node contains a small battery and has a long life time. There are also BT nodes available that can register movement or temperature, which information can be passed on the gateway and thus to the internet.