Asset Management

Present-day control of your company assets is called asset management. What are your assets? At any rate, your mobile computers, barcode scanners, laptops, mobile phones, tablets et cetera. Valuable equipment used in your work processes of which you want to establish the exact location. Barcodes or RFID tags are suitable techniques to achieve this.

Record the details of each company asset in an instant:

- Register the data of each asset at the level of detail you want;
- Decide for yourself which (type of) asset you register, using only the relevant fields;
- Register company assets with one ‘beep’ using a bar code scanner;
- Register all accompanying documentation, such as manuals and pictures.

Complete real-time overview

Use the complete graphic overview of locations, costs, budget holders and contract data of your company assets. Instantly see where your assets are: with a person, a department or at a location. Easily generate reports with relevant data, from current value to ‘use per employee’ or ‘use per department’.


Utilizing bar code / RF scanning for asset management is a huge step forward, compared to the traditional ‘paper and pen’ method. Identifying company assets is easy, quick and correct.

Passive RFID tags

Utilizing passive RFID tags combined with a mobile RFID reader brings additional benefits compared to bar code / RF scanning. The identification of company assets is quicker and less disruptive. An important advantage is the fact that a direct line of sight between reader and asset is not necessary. Companies or organizations with very many company assets have the greatest margin for improvement.

Utilizing fixed RFID readers enables company assets to be read and identified continuously without committing any personnel.

Active RFID tags

Utilizing active RFID tags combined with a fixed RFID reader ensures your company assets can be monitored over greater distances and on larger premises, again without committing any personnel.

Bar codes are most suited for smaller company assets or in cases where the exterior of an asset cannot be compromised. Passive RFID tags are often combined with a mobile or fixed RFID reader for the majority of assets. Active RFID tags can be utilized for the most valuable company assets.

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