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Reach the next level in traceability!

CaptureTech has established a name as a developer of innovative products based on RFID. With a number of them we have achieved a break through in efficiency and reliability (time and cost saving) for logistic applications such as keymanagement and indicative sealing of goods. Examples of these products are the IntelleSeal I, the IntelleSeal T, the KeyConductor and the KeyCaptor

Case: Lean property management in the care sector with KeyConductor

Daelzicht is an organization providing care to some 2,000 children, youth and adults with a mental disability at around 80 locations in the southern part of the Netherlands. Its headquarters in the town of Heel is also home to a large residential area with facilities for daytime activities. The institution aims to deliver an excellent care service and realize the highest degree of efficiency for its non-care-related operation.

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The perfect solution for  efficient, safe and reliable  key management!
Key management

The perfect solution for efficient, safe and reliable key management!

Locks and keys play an important part in managing the day-to-day security of your business, making efficient key management a major business concern.

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Make processes more efficient, safer and better
Industrial Internet of Things

Make processes more efficient, safer and better

The expression ‘the Internet of Things’ refers to a future state of affairs where human-operated computers (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones) will no longer be in the majority on the internet. Instead, in this vision internet users will predominantly be semi-intelligent so-called ‘embedded’ systems.

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Realizing the optimal solution for successful tracking and tracing is always a challenge. Danger lurks on the side of organization and implementation. CaptureTech brings its vast experience with track and trace solutions to each project.